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- by Miriam  Gilbert



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We help you to spark innovation and engagement in your organisation. That means you get more efficient at what you do, makes your strategies stick and lets you seize great opportunities.

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What we do in a nutshell

We use story structures and creative tools in our facilitate workshops to get to the root of your business issues and develop pragmatic solutions:

How we do it

We are consultants and trainers. We work with professionals and technical teams in finance, engineering, project management, IT and HR, helping them:

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“I have known Miriam Gilbert for the last 3 years and have been hugely fortunate to be able to utilize her vast expertise and the ideal combination of German efficiency and creative cool that she is. Her ability to peel through the layers, identify the needs of the business and provide the most astute advice has been absolutely invaluable. It has given us the edge in an increasingly competitive market. Whether you are looking for help making dry material more accessible or to crystallize your business vision Miriam from Storytelling with Numbers is the consultant to speak to.” S. Ashworth, Head of sales, Guardian

“Miriam raised the profile of the finance department, working across silos, collaboratively developing original solutions & built strong relationships with both senior management, and external stakeholders..” H. Sheppard, Director - HGS Consulting Ltd

“…Her work on our Business Case and Business Plan was characterised by a keen business acumen, excellent relationship building internally and externally, delivering continual improvement and a focus on getting the job done.” S.McGarrity, Finance Director - tie Limited

“Miriam’s training workshop was fun and interactive! She focused on the practical aspects, making it easy to see how I can apply them in real business scenarios.” A. Samborska, Owner - PopUp Concept Events

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Our course help turning dry facts and data into engaging stories: